MoRe fosters research on human mobility including refugee flows and irregular migration. A particular focus area is transnational mobility which refers to the mobility of people, things and cultures and the repercussions of these mobilities. International migration, refugees, immigrant integration, acculturation, migration governance, refugee burden, remittances, border management, migration policies, labour market integration of immigrants, animosity between host and guest communities, xenophobia, Brexit, and the Trump effect are typical topics to be covered in this area.

The centre’s research focuses on several multi-disciplinary areas, broadly defined as:

  1. Human mobility: incorporating labour markets, human resource and diversity management, acculturation and integration, refugees, asylum seekers, migration governance
  2. Capital mobility: incorporating transnational banking, finance, remittances, money transfers and development
  3. Mobility of goods and services: incorporating transnational marketing, consumer behaviour, tourism studies, Islamic marketing, luxury brands and marketing
  4. Transnational education and culture: incorporating cultural heritage studies and cross border higher education.

Key researchers in the centre include Prof Ibrahim Sirkeci, Prof Jonathan Liu, Dr Pinar Yazgan, and Dr Carmen Caruso.

Events and Publications:

MoRe proudly supports the Migration Conference series.

MoRe is home to two leading migration journals: